Encountering Evil Seeking Justice Writing

W01 Writing 2020


You will be learning to write academic essays. We will be working on Unit 5: Writing in “Everything You Need to Ace English”. I expect you to take notes and to practice what you learn in your writing assignments moving forward.

Monday 1/27

  • Read pages 379 – 382
  • Write six different research questions based on ¨To Kill a Mockingbird¨and ¨Night. The questions should be well-thought out and written down on loose leaf paper. Skip lines between each question (NOT EACH SENTENCE) and number each question accordingly.
  • Due Date: Hand in Tuesday Morning by 9:00 AM

Tuesday 1/28

  • Read pages 383 – 390 (very top)
  • Choose two questions that you wrote yesterday- onefrom TKAMB and one question from Night. These are the two questions that you will use for the remainder of this unit of study.
  • Find three credible sources online that help you learn more information so that you can answer each question. Print them. **We will discuss where to search**
  • Explain in a brief paragraph or list what makes each source credible.
  • Due Date: by 2:00 PM Wed 1/29

Wednesday 1/29

  • Read pages 390 – 395
  • Cite the three sources you found for each article you printed yesterday
  • Cite two books of your choosing in APA, MLA, and CMS style.
  • Cite two Magazine Articles in APA, MLA, and CMS style
  • Cite two websites in APA, MLA, and CMS style
  • Cite three quotes from your favorite books. One in each of the three styles.
  • Due Date: by 4:00 PM Wed 1/30

Thursday 1/30

  • Read pages 396 – 397
  • Using the articles/sources you found on Tuesday, write down five questions that you have based on what is shared in those sources.
  • Due Date: by 2:00 PM Friday 1/31

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