Encountering Evil

02: Encountering Evil: Writer’s Purpose

Watch I’m Still Here: Diaries of Young People Who Lived During the Holocaust 00:10 – 06:00


  • Why did Klaus Langer most likely keep a diary? Who was his intended audience?
  • In your own words, summarize each of the reasons Wiesel presents on page vii as a possible answer to the question “Why did I write [Night]?”
  • Read the following line from page viii, describing whom he has become: “a witness who believes he has a moral obligation to try to prevent the enemy from enjoying one last victory by allowing his crimes to be erased from human memory.” In your own words, what is Wiesel’s purpose for writing?
  • How does Wiesel respond to the idea that “I survived in order to write this text”? Support your answer with specific evidence from the text.


Why is it so important to remember the specific details of people’s experiences? Why is it so important for Holocaust victims to share their stories? What impact does hearing these stories have on us as readers?

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